Sunday, December 2, 2012

Belated Friday Faves: Perfume

Here’s my belated Friday Favourites post. I think it’s very clear that I’m really not good at these weekly tags. However all of my work has been handed in at uni now so I’ve got a lot more time on my hands.

Anyway. Perfume. I love the stuff. When shoes hurt my feet or clothes don’t fit right, perfume is the one item I can splurge on that makes me feel good.

I absolutely love this stuff; it’s very feminine but quite strong. I don’t really wear it during the day unless I’m going somewhere special, but it lasts for ages so I never have to re-spray.

Play For Men used to be one of my boyfriend’s favourite aftershaves, so my mum got this for to for us to match. It’s quite floral and sweet but in no way sickly at all. And the bottle is girly and blingy!

This is my favourite handbag perfume. It’s quite fruity, but it’s really light and makes the perfect day fragrance.

This one is empty because I love it so much, but I have a backup. I can’t describe the scent, but it’s lovely. Great for day and night.

The bottle is interesting, but it’s a bit annoying. The scent is gorgeous though. Floral and musky, without being too girly. This is the kind of fragrance I’d wear on date night, although it’s great for during the day too.

I love the original Ange ou Demon, and Le Secret is nice. I say nice because the original completely rocked my socks and this one doesn’t completely live up to it. But having said that I do love it, and I don’t use it too much because I hate to see it run out! Haha.

This is another handbag staple. It’s light and delicate and perfect for topping up other fragrances if I feel they’re starting to wane. Another great day perfume on it’s own too. I’d probably wear it on date night, but it’s not the best evening perfume as it’s so light.

Of course I have to love this since Marcy J named this after me personally! I didn’t really like it at first but it really grew on me and as you can see there’s not much left. It’s fruity and florally and very feminine. Great day or night.

Have you tried any of these perfumes? 
Which one is your favourite?


LolaStar said...

I love the packaging of Play. xx

LolaStar said...

Marc Jacobs Oh Lola is one of my favourites. I also have the original Lola which i love too, but is a bit stronger, so maybe better for evening use.

LolaStar said...

Lady million is one of my absolute favorites. It's more on the strong side but it's merries very well both night and day. I must agree that it last all day without having to re-spray :)

LolaStar said...

Yeah. It's rare to find that with perfumes these days. Definitely one of my favourites x

LolaStar said...

Ohh really? I haven't smelt Lola (such a weird thing to say haha), may have to give it a whiff in the perfume shop!x

LolaStar said...

Yeah it's lovely!x